-The purpose of this project is to learn about the Curriculum and acquire a general overview about how to make a Resume in English


- Each student will have to create a Resume and a Cover Letter for one of the job offers provided by the teacher
- The Resume shall be handed on paper the day of the exam
- You should consider the following points:
  1. Be briefYour CV shouldn’t be over one or two pages long.
  2. Use white (or light colours) paper, DinA4 format with good printing quality.
  3. Use an easy-to-read font and enough spaces.
  4. Don’t do it in hand-writing, unless it’s required by the enterprise. A printed version is better.
  5. Avoid many formats and colours. Your CV should be professional. You can use the bold format to make everything clearer and put emphasis on titles.
  6. Leave spaces between sections and write only on one side of the paper.
  7. Watch the style and avoid spelling mistakes. Use synonyms and avoid repetitions.
  8. It’s recommended not to use abbreviations.
  9. Be honest. Show your abilities, make important skills and achievements stand out, look for the good side of failures but never lie.
  10. Be positive. You don’t have the need to explain failures. Show the best of yourself, but in a brief and simple way.
  11. Remember you needn’t include documents or diplomas, unless it’s required.
  12. Always send original papers, never photocopies.
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Here is a presentation about with tips about Effective Resume Writing:

Effective CV / Resume Writing from The CV Workshop

Here you have the template that you can use for the activity

You can write your CV  for one of the following job offers

Delivery Driver

Sales Associate

Backroom Associate


In order to get the get the full grade (10) you will have to consider the following points

1. Use of English: Your work shall not include any mistakes in grammar, punctuation or vocabulary. Otherwise, you will be discarded by the employer

2. Presentation: your work MUST be printed. Use a photo in which you look professional and neat

3. Relevance: your CV must be adapted to the job you are doing

Good luck!

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