Extra Project 3. Dance Revolution


The objective of this task is to create a dancing video in English with subtitles


Your task should include

- A full choreography (alone or in groups)

- Music

- sync lyrics subtitles


You can use any example from the videogame "Just Dance" by ubisoft. However, You don't need to use a long song. It's Ok if your video lasts around 1 minute


here are some tools you can sue to create your project

Viva video
Power director
Wondershare Filmora
Subtitle workshop


This is an EXTRA project. If you decide to make it, you will unlock the round up privilege on your final grade. Will you try?

Headlines Review Game

Work in groups. Spin the wheel and write a Newspaper heading using the topic. You must start the heading using a random letter picked by the "editor"

List of Topics

Starting letter

Special Topics
Good Luck

LISTENING: Panera Cares

Listen to the following video about the "Panera Cares" Coffee company. Do you think an idea like this would work on your country?