English for Easy Writing Project Assignment

English For Easy Writing Final Task
The purpose of this task is to help the student to develop skills that will help him or her in the preparation of a Trinity / B1 preparation exam.
Every student will have to handle a portolio of a series of tasks, each one of them from one of the ISE I task assignment sheet. 
The student must also handle a Topic form developed by him or herself, using the model provided by the ISE I Examination board
The task will be handled through electronic using a Word processor. Your work must be original, with plagiarism severly punished.
Assessment will take into account the criteria in the ISE Feedback Form. Just for your information remember to pay attention to the following points
-          Correct presentation and completion  of the task
-          Writing using the models provided
-          Proper grammar and vocabulary use
Note: all the task must be handed to the teacher
Section 1. Correspondence.
1.       You have recently become very fit. Write an email to a friend saying what you have done to reach your new level of fitness and explaining what you were doing wrong beore you became fit. Invite your friend toe xercise with you. Write 70-80 words

2.       Your English friend is planning to hire a car while on Holiday in your country. Write an email to your friend saying what the most important driving rules are. Explain what will happen if he doesn’t follow the rules. Write 110-130 words

Section 2. Factual Writing
1.       A fast food restaurant has just opened in your área. Write a report for a healthy eating organisation explaining what food the restaurant serves and why its unhealthy. Say what health problems the people might have if they eat a lot of fast food. Write 110-130 words

2.       Write an article for a family magazine about rules teenagers have to follow in your country. Describe two of these rules and give your opinion of them. Say what happens if someone breaks the rules. Write 110-130 words

Section 3. Creative and Descriptive Writing
1.       Write a story for a writing competition beginning with the words “There is one school rule I ‘ll never break again…” describe this rule, say how your broke it and explain why this had serious consequences. Write 110-130 words

2.       Write the diary of a famous sportsperson on a day when she/he is training hard to get fit. Give details about exercise and food. Write 110-130 words

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