CLIL Project. Shakespeare and Chemistry


The purpose of this task is to create an oral presentation and poster about Chemistry in Shakespeare. Analyzing some strange curiosities and myths about it

The task will have two final products, an oral presentation and a poster, both of them will be delivered the same day.

Work in groups of 4

Pick one of the topics proposed by the teacher

Look for the information requested and create a poster to expose your idea.

Create an oral presentation (around 5 minutes) Use your poster for it. You can also add some videos or audiovisual content if you want (just in English)

Fill in the Self Assessment form


Topic 1. Love Potions

  • Context: Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Fiction: what are love potions? What importance does it have in the Play?
  • Fact: It’s possible a love potion? Definitions and properties of the Viola Tricola.

Topic 2. Poison

  • Context: Hamlet
  • Fiction: What type of poison is used? What importance does it have in the play?
  • Fact: The Henbane. Definitions and properties.

Topic 3. Sleeping Draught
  • Context: Romeo and Juliet
  • Fiction: What kind of draught is used? What importance does it have in the play?
  • Fact: The Nightshade and the Monkshood. Definitions and properties

Topic 4. Snakes!
  • Context: Antony and Cleopatra
  • Fiction: What is the function of the snake? What importance does it have in the play?
  • Fact: Snakes. Definition and properties. What are the most dangerous snakes in the world?

Topic 5. Magic
  • Context: Macbeth
  • Fiction: The three witches and the Magic Cauldron. What importance does it have in the play?
  • Fact: Effects of Boiling on matter. Hemlock and Yew. Definition and properties


Use of English
Mistakes make comprehension impossible
Proper use of vocabulary and grammar, with minor mistakes
Excellent use of grammar and vocabulary
Oral Presentation

Students read all the information from the text, or there are severe pronunciation mistakes that make comprehension impossible
There are some pronunciation mistakes or the student reads long passages
proper pronunciation of structures
Visual Presentation
Just text and some minor pictures are used
Text, pictures, drawings, videos and basic handcraft
Specially elaborate handcraft, videos, or activities for the partners are presented

Peer Assessment Sheet
Complete the assessment sheet to get the final point

Mark of Distinction
The Teacher of Natural Sciences will award a Mark of Distinction (Extra Points) to the best presentations in the class.

Basic Resources
Shakespeare lives website

Wednesday, the 20th of April

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